10 Best Tourist Spots in Davao

By: Kims Cyra Rayel M. Moring

Looking for a place to unwind and try something new? Here are the 10 Best Tourist Spots in Davao that you must visit.

  1. Mt. Apo
Mount Apo (Davao City) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

The “King of Philippine Peaks,” Mt. Apo, is the most elevated mountain in the Philippines and among the most noteworthy in Southeast Asia, standing at 10,311 feet. This Davao City tourist spot may be a must-visit, particularly if you’re searching for an exciting adventure. There are distinctive trails you’ll be able to take, and there are seven removed crests at the summit where you’ll see beautiful views–from the magnificent dawn and nightfall to the mysterious locate of seeing the ground touching the sky.

  1. Cape San Agustin
A Trip to Cape San Agustin, Governor Generoso - Pinoy Freelancing Mom

Confronting the incredible Celebes Ocean, the Cape of San Agustin blends remains of the Spanish colonial run the show and the magnificence of the Philippine shorelines. Numerous jumpers have visited this put since the plunging encounter known as “the wall.” Cape of San Agustin houses three beacons that offer breathtaking ocean sees.

  1. Dahican Beach
Davao: Surf, Chill, and Dine at Dahican Surf Resort - VisMin.ph

One of the must-visit Davao visitor spots is Dahican Shoreline. It is well known to surfers, skimboarders, and shoreline bums. It offers a straightforward, untainted cut of heaven with a dazzling crescent-shaped coastline and exciting waves for an adrenaline rush.

  1. Island Garden City of Samal
Samal Island Guide: Here's Everything to Know Before Traveling to Samal

Samal is, as it were, a city within the nation that includes two whole islands, consequently its title as the Island Plant City. If you’re longing for the sun, sand, and ocean, the top place to visit in Davao is the Island Plant City of Samal. You’d discover Davao’s flawless shorelines, counting Samal Island and Talikud Island. These places will deliver the unwinding you want while getting a charge out of an incredible sea view.

  1. San Victor Island
San Victor Island Bagangga

San Victor Island is the culmination if you need a separate and peaceful getaway, withdrawn from the entire world. San Victor Island brags fine white sand and clean water, domestic to numerous ocean animals, counting the temporal dugongs and marine vegetation.

  1. Philippine Eagle Center
Philippine Eagle Center: Home of the World's largest Eagle - Out of Town  Blog

Another incredible Davao City visitor spot for creature significant others is the Philippine Hawk Center. It is an 8.4-hectare zone found at the foothills of Mt. Apo. The Philippine Falcon Center essentially works as a preservation breeding office for the fundamentally imperiled Philippine Falcon and other winged creatures of prey.

  1. People’s Park 
Davao City Hall, parks now Wi-Fi hotspots

Something that Metro Manila essentially needs is an open space for hanging out. People’s Stop Davao may be a four-hectare tremendous cultural-theme stop including a mini-forest, counterfeit falls, a moving wellspring at night, angle lakes, a children’s play area, and a monster durian arch. Sightseers and local people worship this put, with understudies utilizing the location for school exercises and wellness devotees for running. Like most parks, the entrance expense is free.

  1. Aliwagwag Falls
Aliwagwag Protected Landscape - Wikipedia

Known for its staircase-like boulders, Aliwagwag Falls is among Davao’s most famous places. This pleasant 84-tiered drop with more than 130 cascades stands at 1,110 feet, making it the highest waterfall in the Philippines.

  1. Roxas Night Market
Roxas Night Market Vendors Get IDs with Safety Feature - City Government of  Davao

Up for a few cheap but extraordinary neighborhood road nourishment? Head to Roxas Night Advertise, where you’ll be able to have speared chicken, hamburger, pork paunch, fish, balut, and browned food! As of late closed down due to COVID, but it is operational once more. The night showcase works each day, but you ought to head there at the end of the week to feel the dynamic quality of the long road. It authoritatively runs from 6 pm until midnight each day.

  1. Museo de Dabaw
Davao City's new Museo Dabawenyo to open in 2021 - City Government of Davao

If you need to memorize more about Davao’s wealthy past and the improvement of their individuals and culture, go to the Gallery of the Individuals of Davao, or Museo Dabawenyo, where you’ll see an endless collection of the most excellent and most popular detailed work and craftsmanship exhibits.

These are the top 10 tourist spots in Davao. Consider choosing one of these beautiful places. You may click this link for more