5 Best Cafes in Davao City

By: Kims Cyra Rayel M. Moring

Are you a coffeeholic? Coffee has been part of our daily life. As we get up in the morning, coffee is served along with bread. We also love coffee breaks in the afternoon. Here are the 5 Best Cafes in Davao City that you should visit and experience. 

  1. Cafe Antoccino 
Caffe Antoccino | Greeg Adventure

This cafe will doubtlessly deliver you a phenomenal encounter with its mind-blowing air and interesting flavors. This cafe gloats about serving the leading cakes. The staff is genial, and the total put will donate you a really homey vibe. Numerous occasions and parties are too held here, and the cafe spreads joy to all its clients. This coffee shop in Davao City is one of the most excellent places where you’ll be able to treat your taste buds.

Location: Guerrero St, Poblacion District, Davao City

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm

2. Sea Green Cafe

Sea Green Cafe + Boutique Rooms, Davao, Philippines recommendation by  @edzmoyang in Good Times Part 2 | Lemi - where locals love local

This stylish cafe may be a fun place where you can hang out with your companions or have a mouth-watering supper with your family. It serves breakfast, lunch, and supper and the chefs are entirely prepared, promising you the most delicious dinner. Pasta, servings of mixed greens and sandwiches are the best-favored dishes, made up of new organics here. This put is additionally known to have held a few blissful parties.

Location: Dona Vicenta Subd, 15 Emilio Jacinto Ext, Poblacion, Davao City

Opening Hours: 8 am to 10 pm

3. Yuyu Cafe

yuyu cafe – RS world

Yuyu cafe will unquestionably be a treat to your tummy. Its scrumptious nourishment will need you not to halt eating. It can be one of Davao’s most excellent coffee shops, which is continuously bustling with clients. The flavorful pizzas served here will put a grin beyond doubt! Individuals come here with their companions or on sentimental dates to spend lavishly over glasses of coffee or frappes served here. If you don’t visit this cafe, you’ll unquestionably be lost an enormous encounter on your Davao city visit.

Location: AH26, Tagum City

Opening Hours: 9 am to 10 pm

4. Cafe Demitasse

Cafe Demitasse - A Great Hangout Place

One of the foremost celebrated places within the city, Cafe Demitasse in Davao will serve you the finest baked goods and chocolate truffles. The cafe’s chefs are all coffee nerds who play with coffee, coffee, and tea and never fall flat to awe their clients with the incredible taste of their drinks. They all call themselves “students of coffee” and adore their pastime, which has turned into a calling wholeheartedly. A paradise for all the individuals who love ice creams, this cafe offers a few of the finest and one-of-a-kind flavors of your favorite pastries. They also deliver you free WiFi to include more enchant within the time merely spent here.

5. Coffee Grounds


Coffee Grounds in Davao City is the most excellent, but you’ll have your coffee at. The put is so charming merely would not want to leave this put. One of the most excellent cafes in Davao City, Coffee Grounds will serve you the leading you have ever tasted. They put guarantees to allow guests an unwinding time with their adored ones. The moment floor of this shop is indeed more flawless.

Location: Roxas Street, Purok 2, Barangay 31-D, Davao City

Opening Hours: 11 am to 12 am