5 Best Dip Powder Stores in Davao City

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Here are the best dip powder stores you can order from Australia that can be used for your DIY coloured nails. Delivered directly in your steps in Davao City.

Adiption Nails Australia

Dip Powder

Adiption is an Australian owned Dip Powder System for DIY manicures. Do your nails at home with long lasting results up to 3 weeks!

We LOVE dip powder nails (and the more glitter the better, right?!) but despite how it might look…Adiption is not just about beautiful nails. 😉

Adiption was born out of a desire to serve women. 

Not only do we want to make them look beautiful – we want to make them feel beautiful, and more importantly… feel connected.

That’s why Nail Days are the heart of our business – they connect us with each other, connect us with ourselves (can I hear it for ME TIME?!  Woohoo!) and provide space to hang out with other like minded, creative, nail luvvin ladies.  (Want to know the next dates?  Join the Adiption Facebook Community to find out!)

DIPD Nails Australia

DIPD is the original Australian nail system that gives you the same sleek salon SNS manicure, on demand in your home. Always indecisive about your nail colours? With the option to do your dip powder nails at home you can change your nail colours whenever you change your mind.

Explore the range of Dip Nail Kits and Dip Powder collections to see what colours are available. 

We pride ourselves on being the ONLY at home nail dipping system in the world to be manufactured right here in Australia!! Buy any dip powder nail products from us and you’ll be supporting the local cosmetics industry.

SNS Nails Australia

SNS Nails Australia is the official supplier of genuine SNS nail products for Australia. SNS Australia aims to deliver the largest and latest product ranges from Signature Nail Systems to Australia.

SNS is the ideal choice for nail pickers and biters to recover from nail damage and can even help break the habit entirely. SNS reduces the chemical load on your nails, giving you safer nail enhancement options. Enjoy durable nail treatments that are so lightweight you’ll feel like they’re a natural extension of you.

Diamond Nail Supplies

Diamond Nail Supplies is a beauty supply store with a strong focus on professional nail and salon essentials. Buy top leading brands at competitive prices. They import, wholesale and distribute manicure, pedicure beauty and nail products at very competitive prices.

The doors of Diamond Nail Supplies first opened in 2001, where we began as a single unit store with big aspirations and a passion for nail art.

Our company has not only expanded in size but we’ve also grown in industry experience and recognition, which has been achieved. We are highly grateful for our customer’s loyalty and make it our mission to provide the market with the best – becoming Australia’s leading professional nail supply store.

Kiara Sky Australia

Kiara Sky’s mission is to provide you with quality products that allow you to unleash your inner artist, express yourself creatively, and share your unique style with the world through their dip powder.

You call the shots and that’s the way we like it. They are not afraid to think outside the box, and they are here to prove that fabulous professional nail products can be fun, exciting and uncomplicated! Sure, you might have to break a rule or two but daring to be different is what sets you apart from the rest and empowers you to achieve your wildest dreams! – Just make sure not to break a nail while doing it!

For newbies, check out this link: 5 Easy Guide to Nail Dip Powder Application