5 Easy Guide to Nail Dip Powder Application

Nail Dip Powder Image

Learn how to apply nail dip powder the right way to create long-lasting nail dip powder that leave your client’s nails healthier than ever. You may also refer to this link, for brand reference.

Here are some links for the videos that would help you know and to become an expert on how to apply dip powder.

JauntyJuli Nail Dip Powder

In this tutorial, She’ll be showing you how to apply #dippowder AT HOME. This video includes some tips and tricks for a salon quality dip powder manicure + how to apply extensions!

Kiara Sky Nails

If you are new to Dip Powder or aren’t sure what it even is, you have to go to this link. This in depth tutorial will teach you everything you need to know on how to apply Dip Powder!


It’s more work than just using regular polish, but acrylic dip powder nails last until you take them off! No chipping for weeks. Try this link.

Gabby Angelique

In this video, have a quick tutorial of how to do nail dip powder using Revel dip powder! I definitely will be doing more videos featuring dip powder and gel nails just to add a little more variety for you guys.


In this video the vlogger is trying out the Lavender Violets dip powder nail kit from Amazon without tips and over natural nails.