6 Things You Must Know Before Building A House

By: Kims Cyra Rayel M. Moring

So, you’re planning to build your dream home, personalize it, create the right place for you. 

Home is the most comfortable place to refresh your mind after long working hours and spend time with your family. 

Now start building your own home; here is the list of six crucial aspects to consider. Let’s get started.

Six Crucial Aspects to Consider In Building A House

  1. Ready-made vs. Custom-Design

When you plan to build a new house, you must decide whether to copy a ready-made design or make a unique one.

Getty images provide designs and construction photos on sites that help you understand how the building appears. 

If you want to purchase a house, you should consider seeking professional advice, especially from those who have bought a new home, both pre-built or original design.

In addition, you may look for suggestions and advice or information on forums and discussion boards.

Galua Plus is an architecture firm that can work with you in meeting your unique needs in terms of appearance, layout, and space.

There is a need to scale the actual design as some pieces of land have different sizes or shapes. It would be best if you collaborated with an architect, Rey Galua.

Experts pay attention to the creative aspect and know your demands when building your new house.

The original design makes your house unique. Your home is a comfortable place to rest and entertain yourself. 

2. Specify Requirements

Having a list of ideas, must-haves, and personal touch on the designs are crucial to letting you feel at home.

You should gain comments and communicate these thoughts to your architect. Size does matter in planning your house.

It depends on the number of people that will occupy the space.

Everyone wishes to have their personal space. You should seek professional advice from architects.

Use the area and avoid too many rooms that can be too expensive. Consider having executive study as it helps you save money on company expenses, especially while working home.

Also, add guest bedrooms to accommodate your friends and family comfortably. You may include utility rooms, such as basements, sunrooms, laundry, or pantry.

3. Space Planning

Consider knowing the basic rules in organizing your area. For example, living and dining rooms place south or southwest part of your home. Still, go with your preferences. Keep in mind that these rooms are where you’ll be spending most of your time, so you should make sure that they’re well-lit.

4.Choose Best Materials

You prefer the proper materials in building your house. It would help if you had a decent home that is well-built, durable, and long-lasting. There are options available that you must consider in construction technology. Wood, ceramics, and concrete are some of the possibilities. Prefabricated pieces are best to save time and money. Visit GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio. It is the leading firm in the country.

5. Create Financial Plan

After you determine your needs and desires in building a new house, you need to make a financial plan. First, create a checklist of the required items and their cost and see if you can afford them. Include all the necessary down payments, labor and material costs, and property taxes. If you have a limited budget, here is a superb spot to help you to work out all your priorities and wish list. On the other hand, consider inquiring about a construction loan in the bank to ensure that all the finances are fully covered. 

6. Consider Having an Architect

Architects are the essential person in the construction process. Their ideas and expertise will eventually bring everything to life when building a new house. Discuss the project with them as you begin. They can create floor layouts, drawings and estimate the cost.

Architects will assist you when hiring an electrician, plumber, contractor, and the rest of the team throughout the construction process. You can consider them as the project manager. In addition, they will collaborate with the homebuilder and inspect the construction site. 

Choosing the right architect is crucial, or the project will fall apart. Here are the things that you must consider before hiring:

  • Decide what service is required.
  • Know their expertise. 
  • Check their work samples/portfolios.
  • Seek recommendations.
  • Time to meet the architect.

Building a new house requires a lot of work. Don’t let worries ruin your thrill about your new home while you’re saving money on electricity bills, total cost, and other expenses.

Consider relaxing with family and friends in the backyard. Stay motivated and focused on completing the renovation process and living in your new home.