6 Must-Try Fruits In Davao City

Kadayawan festival 2022 is upcoming. Davaoeños will showcase their best products like fruits, vegetables, clothes, crafts, and more. But, now we will focus on the 6 Must-Try Fruits in Davao City Durian Durian Natural product in Davao City is known not only for its fine seashores and the imperiled Philippine Falcon but also for its […]

7 Best Luxury Hotels in Davao City

Do you want to visit Davao City but don’t know where to stay? Here is the list of 7 Best Luxury Hotels in Davao City.  Dusit Thani Residence Davao For business and leisure tourists seeking first-rate hospitality, a 4-star luxury hotel in Davao’s city center is perfect since it blends refinement and comfort with cutting-edge […]

7 Best Pasalubong to Buy in Davao City

We love to travel, and every place has its pride. Every region here in the Philippines provides its best products. And when we arrived home, our family and friends sought our Pasalubong (souvenir). Here are the 7 Best Pasalubong to Buy in Davao City. Malagos Chocolate It should be your first choice if you want high-quality, […]

8 Ways to Reduce Stress

Do you feel so stressed lately? Stress is natural for a human being. It is our task to handle it. Here we have listed the 8 Ways to Reduce Stress.  Stretch may be a feeling of enthusiasm or physical pressure. It can come from any occasion or thought that creates you feel disappointed, angry, or […]

Best Museums in Davao City, Philippines

Are you looking for a place to learn, study, and enjoy at the same time? Somewhere you could explore different cultures, histories, ethnographies, arts, and more. Here we have listed the Best Museums in Davao City, Philippines. Museo Dabawenyo This gallery exhibits the history and social legacy of Davao City. There are four changeless display […]

Panadero Bakeshop’s Glazed Donut Starts its Production Again

Panadero Bakeshop posted on their official Facebook page that they are back on their production of Glazed Donut starting today, July 19, 2022. The bakeshop sells their best-selling Glazed Donut at sixty pesos (P60.00) per half dozen with a special Panadero Box. The donut increased in size and selling price. From five pesos (P5.00) to […]

7 Best Samgyeopsal Restaurants in Davao City

By: Kims Cyra Rayel M. Moring Craving for some samgyeopsal? We have listed the top 7 Best Samgyeopsal Restaurants in Davao City.  Premier The Samgyupsal Davao Everything tastes excellent after you are hungry. Once you eat nourishment with family and companions, it continuously tastes way better. Here at Premier The Samgyeopsal Davao, you don’t require […]