How to understand your audience in order to make informed content decisions in 3 easy ways

Have you ever wondered how to understand your audience in order to make informed content decisions? This is important when preparing any communication piece so you can include the right subject matter and decide how much to include.

how to understand your audience

A poorly informed content decision risks losing or confusing your audience. And it can undermine your chances of achieving your purpose and supporting your overall business outcome.

This applies whether you’re writing a short email, video script, document or delivering a presentation. And any other type of comms.

Deciding on the right content

Before taking time to understand your audience, make sure you have clarified your purpose and understood how it is supporting your business outcome. This will help frame the process for understanding your audience.

There is a lot you can do to understand your audience. However, there are three easy ways to understand your audience that will set you on a great path to make informed content decisions in order to create great comms:

  • Needs, attitudes and wants
  • Education or experience level
  • Best media

Let’s take a look at these and discover why they can help you make informed content decisions.

Learn your audience’s needs, attitudes and wants

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