What is Hologram?

By: Kims Cyra Rayel M. Moring

In the 21st Century, holograms became a new trend. A technology that was once dreamt of in science fiction. The things that you probably use every day could be one of the applications of holographic technology. The following answers the question, “What is Hologram?”.

Holography defines as a technique that enables a wavefront to be recorded and later reconstructed. It is a method of generating three-dimensional images, but it also has many other applications.  

It is a unique method of photography that allows 3D objects to be recorded through a laser and then restored to match the recorded thing. When illuminated via a laser, holograms can form an exact 3D clone of the object and duplicate its features.

Researchers use holography techniques for image processing, storage, and display. Holography uses a coherent laser to record light as it is reflected from an object. The interference pattern is generated and recorded on a film plate by merging the object beam with a reference beam.

Holograms are made through a single laser beam. It is then split into two beams by a unique lens. You get two precisely identical laser beams. The reference beam shone directly onto the film.

You will see a holographic image when you look into a holographic print. The other way is simply by shining a laser through a hologram. 

Types of Hologram

  • reflection hologram
  • transmission hologram
  • hybrid (combination of both).
  1. Reflection Holograms
Reflection Holograms – Viewing holograms in sunlight or with a smartphone |  Litiholo - Blog

Reflection holograms are a particular category of holograms visible using white light”. While they are still created with laser light, the structure of the captured holograms allows them also to be viewed without a laser, using more ordinary light sources.

2. Transmission Hologram

INTEGRAF | How to Make Transmission Holograms

Transmission holograms refer to the illumination from the back side of the film. They can either be spectral color (like you see on credit cards) or a single color. They can be made in sizes as large as a meter by two meters and are suitable for display applications.

3. Hybrid Hologram

Holographic Hybrid Meeting Solutions : Webex Hologram

Holograms that combine both of the aforementioned categories.

Importance of Hologram

Holograms are complex optical devices that greatly benefit the commercial security market. This technology helps display three-dimensional images from side to side, and it can also help bank employees detect the notes’ originality.

Applications of Hologram

Usually, that electronic information is used to display a flat image on a computer screen, but it can also produce full-color, computer-generated 3D holographic images. A Scotland company has successfully used this data to create 3D images for training and display.

Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens 2—Pricing and Options | Microsoft HoloLens

The most common and recognizable example of a stereotypical hologram is Microsoft HoloLens. In 2015, Microsoft became the first company to introduce HoloLens holographic glasses. The tech giant unveiled that technology is widely used today to create augmented reality.

Banknotes, Credit cards, and Identity cards

Banknotes and credit cards stock photo. Image of denominations - 154706990

Banknotes, identity cards, and credit cards have recently adopted security holograms. Holograms such as these require expensive equipment to create and make forgery much more difficult.

Hybrid Learning

Hologram Education: A pandemic utopia?

Holograms can make learning and teaching much more accessible, especially now that we have embraced the idea of hybrid learning. It can help bring more conceptual clarity, enable visualization of abstract concepts, and ensure efficient communication between learners and educators.


Holograms that can interact with the real world - Advanced Science News

Interactive holograms exist in science fiction, but scientists have now created holograms with which you can touch and shake hands. The University of Glasgow researchers have created holograms that use air jets, namely, ‘aerohaptics,’ to simulate the feeling of touch.

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